history of the squan village historical society

In a meeting of the Manasquan Centennial Committee in March of 1986, a group of historically minded citizens agreed to form and organize the Squan Village Historical Society which would be incorporated to become the administrative base for the Centennial Celebration. The newly initiated organization formed a constitution and by-laws and Manasquan's Historical Society was born. Officers of the Centennial Committee, such as President Mrs. Iva Messick, retained the same positions in the society and standing committees were formed. The first regular meeting of the Society was held in Borough Hall in December of 1987 and shortly thereafter the group was allowed to occupy sections of the Manasquan Railroad Station, an artifact having been constructed by ship's carpenters from the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition's Agricultural Hall. Sadly demise of the building was caused by fire in the March of 1996. For one year, the Society was without a permanent home and then in the summer of 1997, through the graciousness of Mrs. Sara Reed, the members of the Society were able to purchase the home at 105 South Street. The first owner of what was originally a one room home was John Bailey and the last owner was Sara Reed giving us the origin of the name, The Bailey-Reed House Museum. 

In this year of 2017, the members of the Society will celebrate their 30th Anniversary. The purpose of the Society is to bring together at regularly scheduled meetings people interested in history and especially in collecting, displaying and preserving for study and research written records and other historical materials concerning the Borough of Manasquan, NJ and surrounding areas.